About Us

Princeton Solar is America's Premiere Online Solar Store

Princeton Solar is quickly becoming America’s premiere online solar store.  We specialize in selling solar products that make up all grid tied or off grid solar systems.  Whether you are buying 2 solar panels, a single solar inverter, a charge controller, or even a single axis ground mounted sun tracker with a battery back-up system, Princeton Solar offers all the major solar brands you need at true wholesale pricing. If you don’t see the product you need or the price you want, email or call us and we will find the product for you.

Our goal here at Princeton Solar is to be a trusted online solar source for you and to make your online shopping experience a pleasure. 

Why Princeton Solar?

  • We are committed to making solar affordable, accessible and hassle free for you.
  • Princeton Solar obtains products either directly from the manufacturer or from some of the largest solar distributors in the world.
  • Our low fixed margin pricing structure allows us to offer consistent pricing and excellent customer service. 

Princeton Solar’s Checkout Process    

As we said before, our goal here at Princeton Solar is to give you a hassle free buying experience. To help us do that, we have a wide range of ways to complete your online purchase, including:

  • PayPal
  • Any major credit card
  • E-Checks
  • Bank Transfers
  • Authorize.net

We encourage all customers to email or call us immediately if you have any problems purchasing your product.

**Please note that Princeton Solar reserves the right to accept payments through the use of a “Virtual Terminal” at it's own discretion.  Due to the high risk nature of virtual terminal transactions, Princeton Solar will approach each of these transactions on a case by case basis taking into consideration a number of factors. For a list of these factors please submit a request in writing to customerservice@solarsystemsusa.net

Information on our two payment merchants can be obtained at www.paypal.com or www.authorize.net

Princeton Solar’S Financing

To make things even easier for our customers, we offer the option to finance your solar energy products. Using one of our many financing options will allow you to start saving on your energy cost, while you pay off your system. Take a look at our solar financing options and get start making the transition to solar energy today!