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Grounding Lug with ¼" Mounting Hardware

Wiley Electronics, WEEB Grounding Lug with 1/4" mounting hardware

The patent pending WEEB Lug consists of a washer and lay-in lug. The WEEB Lug is mounted using a 1/4-28 stainless steel screw. Specialized teeth on the washer are constructed to embed into anodized aluminum and establish a gas-tight electrical connection. To obtain the lowest impedence path for the bonding connection, the washer is constructed of thin stainless steel. The current path through the aluminum, the teeth, the washer body and into the lug is therefore very short. The lug is constructed of tin plated copper for corrosion resistance. Wire is clamped by a stainless steel screw on the lug, which is horizontal to the tang for easy access when mounted under a PV module. The screw is a 1/4-28 size for easy wrenching. The WEEB Lug comes with hardware for mounting to a rail or 1/4 inch through hole.

Grounding the entire array is even easier! Simply mount one WEEB Lug for each rail, making sure the teeth will penetrate into the aluminum rail. (The lug itself is tin plated copper and the washer is stainless, so that connection can be pressure only.) The lug is a lay-in type, making it easy to attach the ground wire. Because you don't have to run ground wire to every single module, you save time and make a much cleaner installation.

The WEEBLug and other members of the WEEB family are design to conduct thousands of amps safely. When they do fail - at extremely high currents - the WEEB washers fail in a safe manner. Most of the heat is generated right at the teeth so they and the surrounding aluminum melt and open just like a fuse. Because the washer is sandwiched between two large metal pieces, the small amount of melted material is safely contained.