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Is a solar tracking system right for you?

6th Sep 2018

A rooftop installation offers lower costs and doesn’t require dedicated yard space, making it the preferable option for most solar-interested homeowners. As a result, most home solar systems don’t inc … read more

Why solar is likely to power the Home of the Future

14th Aug 2018

Right now in America, there are about 2 million homes with solar panels. Considering there are about 90 million single-family homes, that doesn’t seem like a lot. But consider this: we’re now on track … read more

Solar Grows

14th Mar 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an unprecedented commitment to renewable energy. Awarding $1.4 billion, New York is now set to advance 26 large-scale renewable energy project … read more

Today's Solar

14th Mar 2018

Solar energy despite popular belief is not a new concept or technology. In fact, it dates back over a hundred years. In the 1800’s during the Industrial Revolution, it was first experimented with by H … read more