Canadian Solar 1000 Watt Solar Kit Enphase Microinverter, Roof Mounted

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1,500.00 LBS
Canadian Solar 1000 Watt Solar Kit Enphase Microinverter, Roof Mounted


1,000 Watt Canadian Solar Energy Kit

Solar Kit Parts
Qty. Product
4 Canadian Solar 250 Watt Poly Solar Panel,CS6P-250P
4 Enphase, M215 Microinverter, 215W, 240/208 VAC, 60Hz, 16-45VDC,321-0164,
4 Enphase, AC Trunk Cable, 1-Phase (4-Wire) for M215, Portrait,360-0217,ET10-240-
1 Install Kit (4 Terminators, 1 Disconnect Tool, 5 Water tight caps),360-0206,ET-INSTL
1 Square D, AC Disconnect, NEMA 3R, 30A, 240VAC,580-0025,DU221RB
1 (optional) Enphase, Envoy Communications Gateway,360-0215,ENV-120-01


Roof Mounted Parts
Qty. Product
2 IronRidge, XRS Rail, 14', Anodized Aluminum, Clear, Qty. 1,210-0511,51-7000-168A
2 IronRidge, Mid Clamp, F-G-K, 2.5", Mill Finish, Qty. 4,211-0161,29-7000-108
1 IronRidge, End Clamp, F, 1.81", Mill Finish, Qty. 4,211-0195,29-7000-214
2 IronRidge, L-Feet and Hardware, Mill Finish, Qty. 4,211-0094,29-7000-017
8 EJOT, SS Hanger Bolt for wood, 8mm dia x 150mm long Lag,260-0412,
8 WEEB Compression Clip (WEEB-DMC),590-0010,29-4000-001
2 WEEB Grounding Lug (WEEB-LUG-6.7),590-0011,29-4000-002
4 IronRidge, XRS End Cap, Qty. 1,211-0368,29-4000-099
4 IronRidge, Mounting Kit for Enphase, Qty. 1, 29-5003-005,270-0740,29-5003-005
1 IronRidge, Wire Clip, for XRS & XRL, for (10) 5mm panel wires, or (1) MC4, (1)
Enphase wire and (1) dual Enphase wire, PVC plastic, Qty. 1 bag of 20 pieces, 29-