Affiliate Program

Solar Affiliate Program

Solar Marketing for SSUSA: Why?

  • Princeton Solar has some of the lowest prices on solar products
  • We provide many sources of knowledge and services to customers
  • We work with you to ensure you are as successful as we are.

Join the Solar Revolution

  • Crude oil is past peak production and is eventually going to run dry
  • Make the world more energy independent
  • Solar is the leading source of reneewable energy
  • Energy is the fastest growing sector in the over-all economy
  • Like water and air, there will always be a strong demand for solar energy

The solar affiliate program is our solution to making solar energy mainstream. With our affordable prices for any solar project, it is our idea that we can debunk the myth that solar is too expensive. Our affiliate program is designed to start an online solar revolution, while also providing hard working affiliates a good commission structure.

Take this opportunity to join the energy revolution taking place right now! The sun produces enough solar energy on earth to power all electronics in the world 20,000 times over. This free and abundant energy source can provide energy to every house hold on the earth. Let us get the word out that solar energy is the future.

Pay Per Sale

Receive 7% commission for any order through our website or 2% commission on any solar system sold! All you have to do is join our Pay Per Sale program and start using our solar marketing materials (or your own) to send buyers to our website. Email Marketing, Social Media and marketing on your own blog/website are good methods. You can use any online solar marketing method you wish to generate sales, but spamming is strictly banned. That is the only rule of the pay per sale program. Let us get people interested in solar energy and show them solar energy really is affordable.

Program Details 
Pay-Per-Sale: 7% for each sale you deliver.
Payout Requirements: $100.00 USD - Minimum balance required for payout.
Payments Made: Upon Request

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