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Then and now

Originally conceived as a technology project led by Professor Antonio Luque back in 1981, Iosofoton today is a leader in the photovoltaic sector and a pioneer in the technology and manufacture of photovoltaic modules and cells from silicon wafers. Since its beginnings, Iosofoton has constantly been at the forefront of new technologies by bringing forward the best Energy Solutions.

With a presence in over 60 countries, Iosofoton solar strives to convert radiation from the sun into an effective, clean and competitive energy alternative.

Since 2010 Iosofoton solar is part of the AFFIRMA Group, a company with broad experience in the development of solar projects and a leader in the manufacture of solar trackers. The combination of know-how and experience of both firms in the field of solar photovoltaic energy strengthens and boosts their leadership position, bringing a range of products and services to their clients that cover the entire value chain.

The presence of Korean industrial automation specialized leader Toptec in the company's shareholder structure demonstrates Iosofoton's international profile and desire to remain at the forefront of technology.