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Lightway Green New Energy Co., Ltd

Founded in 2008, Lightway Solar is a fast growing solar energy company in China. Through vertical integration, the company manufactures high-standard Lightway solar panels, and invests in quality solar projects & distributed generation solar business. The company has successfully accomplished solar projects of all kinds in a wide range of markets, including Europe, North America, China Australia and Asian Pacific regions. With a global office network, Lightway Solar is dedicated to a long-term development strategy to meet the energy demands of a changing world.

Key Facts:

  • Since 2008 with around 240 Acre manufacturing base in Heibei Province, China
  • A network covering Europe, USA, Australia and Asia Pacific Region
  • 3000 employees worldwide
  • Develop projects & Distributed Generation business
  • 100% vertically integrated capacity

Throughout the entire vertical production from ingots to solar modules, Lightway Solar introduces a series of world’s leading equipment suppliers such as APPLIED MATERIALS, RENA, CENTROTHERM, DESPATCH, BACCINI and MANZ Automation. To ensure 100% automatic production process, Lightway Solar incorporates TOYAMA fully-automated tabbing and stringing lines and ABB Robotics, transporting and handling with ZERO human touch.