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ReneSola Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of silicon wafer and solar modules. They are committed to product development and quality control. They design their own casting furnaces and slicing technologies in-house, and are focused on constantly developing more efficient products and optimizing their cost structure while maintaining technological leadership in their field. Their Siboen Research Institute cooperates closely with production departments to continuously improve the production technology and manufacturing equipment. To date, ReneSola has received numerous patents for their new technologies and innovations, and the products are well received by customers around the world.

Renesola Solar Panels

  • Leading technology in high-efficiency Quasi-Mono products
  • Reliable and stable supply of raw materials
  • Microcrack-proof packaging patent
  • 25-year power output warranty
  • Obtained multiple internationally recognized certifications

ReneSola's innovative ingot growth technology improves the uniformity of the grain size and preferred orientation, resulting in higher minor-carrier lifetime and lower dislocation density. The outcome is significantly increased cell efficiency.

The company’s innovative, controlled, DDS production process for the ReneSola Virtus A ++ wafers produces far fewer defects than conventional multicrystalline silicon wafers. This enables ReneSola solar mpanels to achieve a 4% higher power output, yet maintain the same LID and CTM loss.