Sonali Solar

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Sonali Solar has expertise in the PV module manufacturing arena. They are committed to providing a superior product, timely delivery and exceptional customer service. As a manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, Sonali Solar can ensure that the clients receive a highly efficient product along with excellent pricing. Sonali Solar is dedicated to quality, innovation and improved efficiency as they pursue solar energy expansion around the world.    

Sonali Solar is a global company, with customers in the US, Asia-Pacific and European markets. The corporate headquarters is located in northern New Jersey and they own and operate a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in India.

Sonali Solar Panels

Sonali Solar's polycrystalline/monocrystalline PV module series runs from 3W to 300W that can be used for grid tied solar systems and off-grid solar systems. All modules are assembled with fully automated production line and checked for imperfections using an electroluminescence tester before delivery. Sonali Solar uses 3 bypass diodes to reduce power loss in diffused light, low iron content and tempered high transmittance front glass. Modules that are created from monocrystalline cells or (single crystal) technology are cut from a silicon boule that is grown from a single crystal in only one plane or direction. While cells created from polycrystalline or (multicrystalline) technology are cut from a silicon boule that is grown from multifaceted crystalline material, or a crystal that grows in multiple directions.