UniRac Rapidrac G10

UniRac Rapidrac G10 - PV’s Flat Roof Ballast Solution.

Unirac’s new improved Rapidrac is the best residential flat-roof solution for the PV Mounting industry.

Key Benefits:

  • Speed of Installation. Significant reduction in installation time.
  • Simplicity. Requires only 7 parts to install with only 2 wrenches required.
  • Versatility and Choice. Offers freedom and flexibility to accommodate majority of PV modules.
  • Value. Competitive price-per-watt ratio and overall estimated labor savings of up to 10k on 250kW project.

With minimal parts, reduced labor expenses and the versatility to accommodate a wide range of modules, RapidRac G10 is one of the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective ballast solutions on the market today for flat roofs with no more than 5 degrees or a 1in 12 pitch.