Unirac SolarMount-I

UniRac SolarMount-I - Function, Beauty and Ease.

Engineered for flush mounting applications, SolarMount-I offers superior aesthetics, extraordinary value, easy installation on most roofing types, and the superb quality you've come to expect from Unirac.

  • Key Benefits. Value, flexibility and exceptional customer support.
  • Components. Inventive design, superb craftmanship, simple to assemble, and amazingly flexible.
  • Quality. The finest materials, superior customer service and a 10 year warranty.
  • Appearance. Functional and beautiful.

Engineered for flush mounting applications, Unirac SolarMount-I offers the one of the lowest total installed cost and best values in the industry. Building on the strength for peace of mind you’ve come to expect from Unirac, the Unirac SolarMount-I Series integrates an enhanced I-beam design supported by a comprehensive suite of online service and support.