Wattsun Solar Tracker


The Wattsun azimuth tracker automatically tracks the sun by rotating the PV array about the pipe mast. Then it tilts for elevation position. The Dual-Axis Option enables it to capture virtually all the power the sun delivers.

Compared to passive, tilt and roll trackers, azimuth trackers provide greater stability for large arrays. The corners do not protrude down towards the ground or stick up in the air to catch the wind. The bottom edge of the array always remains parallel to the ground and requires less ground clearance than tilt & roll designs

Wattsun Solar Tracker is available in five models. Most small trackers can ship via UPS for added savings. Your selection of a specific Wattsun tracker depends on your application and PV array size. For physical size comparison, we have noted the typical number of 75 watt modules that can mount on each tracker.

This product is special order only. Please contact a SSUSA representative for details.