"Princeton Solar Has Excellent Customer Service!"

Princeton Solar has the best customer service in the online solar energy market. We work one on one with our customers to ensure your purchase best suits your solar energy job. We want to ensure that your solar project not only comes at an affordable price, but that you have access to qualified assistance for puchasing your solar products.

  • 26 KiloWatt System

    Perlight 230 Watt Solar Panels on a Ground Mount

    26 Kw Solar Panel System26kw-perlight230-2.jpg
  • Unique Pole Mounted System

    Architectural Pole Mounted System in a parking lot.

    Flower Pole MountFlower Pole Mount
  • Pole Mounted with Title Adjustment

    Suniva Solar Panels Mounted on a Pole with a tilt adjustment

    Pole Mounted PanelsPole Mount Tilt Adjuster
  • 53 KW Solar Power System

    53 Kilowatt solar power system installed in Haiti.

    53 KW Solar System in hati
  • 108 KW Off Grid System

    Off grid solar system installed in Haiti with SMA Sunny Islands

    Sunny Island Inverters from 108 KW Off Grid Solar System
  • 10 KW Grid Tied Solar System

    10 Kilowatt grid tied solar energy system in West Palm Beach.

    10 KW Grid Tied System on Home

  • 155.5 KW A too D Solar Project

    270 watt Renogy solar panels inverted by a 135 Kw satcon inverter installed in Battle Ground, NC.

    A too D 155.5 KW Solar Project
  • Thin Film Laminate House

    120 pieces of Unisolar thin film solar modules installed on a home.

    120 pieces of Unisola thin film on home

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