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Join us in Leading the Solar Revolution

Solar Systems USA is leading the solar revolution by building a solar community motivated to promote and work in the solar energy market. We provide multiple opportunities for inspiried individuals to join and earn commissions for their efforts. Take a look at some of our programs and opportunities below to get involved in the solar revolution

Contractor Program

Join our contractor program to take advantage of a 30% commission on any products you purchase from Solar Systems USA. If you have access to an installer, want affordable pricing for your customers and free installation leads, you should join this program today!

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Affiliate Program

Do you have online marketing skills and want to spread the knowledge of solar energy throughout the internet? Join our solar affiliate program and gain commission for online sales or solar related traffic. Start using the internet to not just gain commissions but to win the hearts and minds of the online community.

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Jobs with SSUSA

We are always seeking qualified sales people and solar knowledgeable experts to join our crack team of solar enthusiasts. If you have the knowledge or experience to complete the job, we welcome you to apply today.

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Invest in Solar

Invest in Solar

Did you know that Solar is the fastest growing sector within renewable energy and the second fastest growing industry in the overall US economy?

Why Invest in Solar Systems USA?

  • Between 2005 and 2011 the solar market grew by 1700%. 
  • In 2012 there were $11 Billion in solar systems installed in the U.S. alone. Experts say this isn’t even 1% of the total market potential.
  • Solar Systems USA has generated over $2.7million in revenue in the first 18 months of doing business.

About Solar Systems USA

Solar Systems USA is in a unique position to be “the of the solar market” as millions of American’s begin to transition to solar energy. With fossil fuels past peak production globally, solar is becoming a cheaper solution in most states. There would have to be a ground breaking discovery of another source of energy to stop the solar juggernaut Solar Systems USA! Take this unique business opportunity to invest in solar.

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